Aspen Property Management

Association Governing Services

• Arrange and attend meetings

• Notify homeowners of all meetings and activities

• Maintain minutes

• Coordinate association inspections with the members of the review committee

• Distribute requests to the architectural committee for approval, prepare and

send out decision letters

Business and Financial Services

• Administer checking and savings accounts

• Maintain and furnish a monthly and annual accounting of all funds collected and


• Prepare an annual budget

• Pay all approved expenses

• Have the tax returns prepared by a certified public accountant

• Bill and collect all homeowner’s dues

Administrative Services

• Maintain files of all correspondence, notices, bills and receipts necessary to

effectively manage the association

• Provide a 24 hr answering service

• Maintain a register of all association members

• Receive, investigate and respond to members’ complaints and correspondence.

• Prepare and send violation letters

• Prepare and mail notices as the board requests

Community Building Services

• We would like to instill a strong sense of community and educate members on

   association activities.

• Homeowner interactive website available with profiles, message boards, community calendars and online bill pay.

Property Management Services

·   Aspen Property Management knows the importance of increasing your property value. A well maintained neighborhood will bring homeowners the biggest return for the owners.

·   Advise the board of any repairs or maintenance that must be performed to keep amenities in good order

·   Supervise and oversee all maintenance of amenities

·   Prepare, solicit, award and administer all contracts necessary to maintain amenities


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